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Riza by night(!)

It hasn’t been too long since the last post, and as Loner said, I was collecting a few photos for the blog in Crete … This time we went to the village where Kate’s dad comes from, in Riza, Lasithi. Here, it is not very popular with tourists. Which means that locals have not yet destroyed all the coasts, not yet filled all the seaside with all sorts of accomodation and monstrous hotels, and you can also take a vacation in its true sense: relax and find your peace.

It is true that raki ( in Crete only, pronounced : rakh’i) was abundant in the village, and it was only one or two nights that we did not go to one of the TWO (number: 2) coffee shops in the village to have a couple of carafes .

[Incidentally, there are various and very good sides , meze, for raki, such as the well-known dako (with a variant of olive oil and olive oil), xigalo , a type of sour cream cheese, xinopites (pancakes filled with xigalo or myzithra cheese), the gruyere (which was simply called “cheese”), kid (as in young goat) cooked in every way possible, but the best I hat was “souvla” (literally translates as “spit”), pork meat on a spit, really juicy] .

In more popular places (eg Ierapetra or Mirtos), if you pay more than 2 – 2.5 euros for coffee, people here it will tell you “ήντα κορόιδο είσαι μωρέ” (“You are a total sucker!”). 

Riza village, apart from the two coffe shops, is so advanced that I was not surprised to see THIS here: 
Yes, yes, satellite tv in the toilet (well , not really). So there’s no chance of losing your favourite show while you’re inside.

The second day in Crete, we thought we’d have a trip to see things, so we took the Ierapetra road. Long after Ierapetra, we found ourselves on a road that had only rocky cliffs on the left side, and a rocky cliff over the sea on the ​​right. That was until we saw cars parked over the cliff in the middle of nowhere. We’re looking down at the cliff, and there she is, a fantastic sandy beach:

That was a really nice swim!

This time, and after the sights of Rome, we didn’t want to go to archeological sites. Our only plan was to go to as many beaches as we could. We did this, and at the same time we had some nice down time, which was really necessary.

Of course we had a tour of Lasithi, went to Vai (a nice but overrated and thus overcrowded beach, in my opinion), went to Agios Nikolaos one night and had a great time, as expected, because Agios Nikolaos is a very nice place. We also had a glimpse of Sitia, which is a small picturesque town.

Overall we really enjoyed Lasithi. I can say that compared to western Crete, the east is completely different and to a large extent still not as harmed by tourism as , say, Chania. 

The romantics say, “I wish these places stayed the same”, but I think the residents have a different view. And how can they not, when to get from Riza to Males and the village Christos, which are also in the Lasithi Mountains, takes about 1 hour for a trip of just 13km. 

Nevertheless, we probably won’t stop seeing everything through rose glasses, because we still are romantics, and in summer everything looks beautiful.


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  1. Autes einai diakopes… ti tis 8elame tis Sandorines kai ta loipa 3evrakomata? Perissoteres diakopes kaname sto xorio tis Iwonas para stin Sandorini. Isos na exoume arxisei na gername kiolas… den 3ero…

  2. Παρεπιπτόντως…
    “Κερατόκαμπος”… χαχαχα…. super!

  3. εχει και χειρότερα τοπωνύμια… π.χ. Ψαρή Φοράδα, Τσούτσου(να)ρας κλπ. Η Χρυσή παλιά λεγόταν Γαϊδουρονήσι. Όχι, δεν έχει γαϊδούρια, αν και θα μπορούσε κάποιος έτσι να μας θεωρήσει εμάς τους τουρίστες, που και μόνο με την παρουσία μας ρυπάναμε το χώρο και το οικοσύστημα της νησίδας.

    Όσο για το ότι γεράσαμε, βασικά παρατήρησα τη διαφορά που είχαμε στη διασκέδαση και στο τι κάναμε καθημερινά από κάτι 24χρονα παιδιά και ήταν χαοτική η διαφορά.

    Να πω βέβαια ότι αυτές τις διακοπές πιο πολύ και από τη Ρώμη τις απολαύσαμε, λόγω μπάνιων ξεκουρασης κλπ. Άλλο το ένα βέβαια και άλλο το άλλο!!!

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