The North Island

It’s high time we uploaded some serious photos… We decided that the best way to do this is to put photos on the map below. Just press on a flag and then a picture to see a photo album. There are also the routes we followed; the red line is the route of days 1 and 2; the blue line corresponds to day 3 and the green one is day 4.

Following the routes, the flags are Wellington, Rangipo Desert, Taupo, Huka Falls, Rotorua, Blue Lake, Tarawera & Te Wairoa, Waiotapu, Whakapapa (pronounced “Fah-ka-papa”) & Mt. Ruapehu, Whanganui River, Wanganui, Otaki & Paekakariki, Wellington. There are also flags for Auckland (far north) and Kapiti Island (near the southwest coast).


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  1. Oraio to interfesi sas!
    Koitame tis fotos sas kai zileuoume.
    Exoume mouliasei edo pano!!!

  2. κουράγιο αδελφέ, θα σταματήσει να βρέχει (κάποτε).


    Το ιντερφέσι ήταν μάλλον μια καγκουριά της στιγμής, τελικά αυτο το maps είναι αρκετά πρακτικό.

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