Vale of Tempe and Mt. Olympus

We tried to get away from the city, and we went to Skotina, near the Mt. Olympus National Park and had some very pleasant walks on the footpaths of Olympus.
On the road to the Skotina and Platamonas region, there is, of course, the Vale of Tempe (pronounced: Témpi), the famous pass between Mt. Olympus and Mt. Ossa.

The following pictures were taken on Enipeas River, near the “Prionia” region of Olympus. I can imagine why ancient Gods would choose such a place as their residence.

Unavoidably, there was comparison between these beautiful landscapes and the ones in New Zealand.


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  1. Oraia i ekdromoula sas paidakia!
    Ante kai sto Verolino tora!

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