¡Hermosa Girona!

I have to say that we were having so much fun in Barcelona and in Girona, until the awkwardness of the Nochevieja (=New Year’s Eve). We felt a little homesick, spending this particular night away from home, but I know some of you can understand why. So we went out at around 11.40, when all people where heading for the Catedral in Girona, and we just made it to see the year changing (on the giant clock-tower). Afterwards, we went for some drinks in a local bar called “The River”.

Many thanks to all the guys and girls there for making us feel at home so far from home, as they invited us to join their party without hesitation, which showed that l’hospitalitat catalana(=catalan hospitality) is NOT just rumour.
(Just for kicks, try to have a conversation with someone in a language you don’t speak well, in a bar with the music loud… after having a few drinks– I am sure you will have the same difficulty to understand as they will).

Girona is great, it is a medieval town near Barcelona and there’s the river Onyar flowing through the town. Señora Pilar was right, the province of Girona has to be the most beautiful of the catalan provinces. The only thing we regret is not being able to go to Figueres, which is near, to see the museum of Salvador Dalí. It is a pity, but we don’t endure as much as we did to parties, and as the Spanish say, una noche de juerga, tres días de cama(one night partying, three days in bed).

BONUS: click on the button above to see what happened after the sound of the new year campanadas (bell tolls) under the catedral de Girona, or click on the right for the full album


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  1. Αν ξέρω τι παει να πεί λέει?… τελευταία φορά που άλλαξα χρόνο σπίτι μου ήταν το 2004-2005.
    Εκτοτε σε σπιτάκια με ενοίκιο, άντε να δούμε πότε θα αποκτίσουμε το δικό μας!

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