“Well, I’m back.” (or What We Did In Lake Tahoe)

…said Samwise when he returned home from the other end of Middle-earth. That’s how we feel now because of the terrible jet lag (inexplicably, it is the first time it is THAT bad — when we got back from N.Z. we were fine, compared to this).

Nevertheless, we don’t bother much about it, because we had a BLAST in California.

The first 4 days we were in Lake Tahoe, at the Granlibakken Lodge, were we stayed for a conference. We travelled there by car, which we rented from San Francisco. The weather was absolutely fine and sunny, and as we got nearer to Tahoe City we saw snow and ice covering the peaks around us. That was to be expected, of course, on a mountain over 2000m high, but despite that, it was kind of a surprise to actually see it there, because in sunny Greece we don’t see much snow in April (ok, maybe on the mountain tops).

The landscape was stunning, with huge pine forests and the lake under the snowy peaks around. Katerina did not have much free time there, but I was lucky enough to have the car so I drove to Emerald Bay in South Lake Tahoe. Of course , the third day the weather was a bit rougher, with the temperature dropping under 20 degrees F (-7 C approx.). There was ice on the roads, but I think people were too polite to laugh at me when I asked if it’s possible that the roads get blocked. Anyway, the next day was warmer and everything was dry again and we were ready to leave the cold behind and go to sunny San Francisco. Here are some of the photos in Tahoe.


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