Spetses Bike Tour

The best thing about going to an island for the weekend is you can put everything behind you and relax a bit. It’s just like you don’t have anything to worry about anymore.

So we did put everything behind and we laid back and relaxed, with a twist: on Sunday we did a bicycle tour of the island.
As Spetses is an island where vehicle restrictions apply mostly to cars, there were several ways we could use to travel around: boats, buses, taxis, bicycles, coaches (complete with horses!) and motorbikes. So we chose what came handy for us: our trusty bikes, which of course we brought with us.
Now, I am not going to go through the pros and cons here, I’ll just say that biking was great on the island. It is not so hard as it seems, too. It’s a distance of about 24 km (16 miles), going up and down at some points of the road (the steepest climb being between Agii Anargyri and Zogeria, I think).
We did not visit the two well known museums this time (the Hadjigianni-Mexi museum and the house of Bouboulina), but we’ll probably do it when we have more time available.
–Note to self: next time , try the north way from Dapia (the port) to do the Island tour, and avoid steep hills!!–


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