Embarrassment At Nymphs’ Cave

One of the places we went site-seeing in Ithaka was the Cave of The Nymphs.

The official site of Ithaki Island, states that the cave has, according to the myth, “two entrances, one for mortals and one for the gods. It has marvellous stalactites and according to Homer, Odysseus hid there the presents that lord Alcinous gave him”.


I did not, of course, expect to find the presents of Alcinous, as I also did not expect to see a ravaged hole in the rock which could hardly serve as shelter to animals in the winter. To make things even worse, someone could even get in the cave, even go down and get stuck there, as there is no way to go back up again.

It is a shame that such a place is left to oblivion. So ithaki.gr, PLEASE remove this from the “interesting sites” section… (UPDATE: They did remove it, eventually)



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