When I think of near-tropical beaches with blue waters and forests pouring down to the seashore, always the Ionian Islands (the Eptanisa) come to mind.
After all, I couldn’t be more biased about the beauty of the Ionian Islands: my mother comes from Corfu –Kerkyra.

So we went to Ithaki (or Ithaca). Everyone –even the locals!– asked “why Ithaki”? Simply because we had not been there and because some friends recommended Ithaki for some days of peace and quiet in a beautiful place. And that hit exactly the spot. I had emptied my mind so much that I forgot my cash card´s PIN and I couldn’t get any money (which is something that has never happened to me again).

Ithaki is best known as the homeland of Odysseus, the hero from Homer’s epics, the Odyssey and the Iliad.

But I dwell in clear-seen Ithaca, wherein is a mountain, Neriton, covered with waving forests, conspicuous from afar; and round it lie many isles hard by one another, Dulichium, and Same, and wooded Zacynthus. Ithaca itself lies close in to the mainland the furthest toward the gloom, but the others lie apart toward the Dawn and the sun–a rugged isle, but a good nurse of young men; and for myself no other thing can I see sweeter than one’s own land. (Odysseus describes Ithaca to Alcinous, ruler of Phaiakians in Homer’s Odyssey)

We stayed in Vathy. The beaches were fantastic and in the most of them you can find shelter from the sun under the trees. Αs the island is small, everything is near. The landscape is something like Odysseus describes: high hills over the sea covered with what seem to be endless forests. It is very beautiful and the place gives you a sense of calm. I especially liked the path through a pine forest around the bay of Skinos which led us to the fantastic beach of Yidaki. The second best and most accessible by car was the beach of Filiatro, very near Vathy, very popular and sometimes too crowded.

So this here is what we thought was worth seeing…

(See the album with its captions in Google Photos)


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  1. Η Ιθάκη είναι ένα νησί που θέλω πολύ να επισκεφτώ..

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