Mt. Parnassos

These photos are from a month back, when we went to Delphi, Polydroso and Eptalofo in Mt. Parnassos. Those places were not crowded yet, because there was -still- no snow in January!!
We were invited to Polydroso by a good friend and colleague. We took advantage of the good weather, so a night before, we booked a nice hotel at Delphi, just to visit the ever-impressive site of the Oracle. We spent a perfect rest of the day in Polydroso, and the next we went to Eptalofo, again high up in the mountain. We though of returning to Delphi from the road that goes up the mountain, but then it started snowing, the road got all icy and we were forced to turn back and return home to Athens from another road.
Parnassos is one of the places that is easy accessible and offering plenty of things to do and see! Maybe next time we’ll even go skiing…


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  1. Αχ αυτά τα ταξιδάκια σας…
    Εμείς έχουμε βγάλει ρίζες εδώ πάνω, λέμε πότε θα έρθετε να έχουμε επισκέψεις…

  2. Οσονουπω! κι εμείς ανυπομονούμε

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