Stafford, Hitchin, and other small Midlands towns

I have been to London 4 times. I had never been anywhere else in the UK, though.

This time, we had a much better motive to travel: our friends were in Stafford, near Birmingham, and also in Hitchin, near London.

At last, we saw them after a long time… And what a great time we had!

We are grateful to Panagiotis and Iwona, Fotis and Petroula for their absolutely fabulous hospitality. We are glad that we could be with them and we hope we will see them soon again.

As for the places we went, we had small tours in the Staffordshire area and also in Hertfordshire and Cambridge. There was also a quick trip to London – Covent Garden. We experienced much that we hadn’t experienced before in England, such as going to traditional pubs in villages and small towns, walking in the forest and, of course, going to the theatre, which was as mind-boggling as it gets.

View of Hitchin from the hill

The whole experience though was relaxing and the best part was that we had the time to see our friends and understand, at last, how it is to start a new life in a strange country – sweet but difficult.

Anyway, I am ranting again… So below are the pictures from the two parts of our stay in England.

PS: guys, I hope the weather gets warmer soon!

[UPDATE: 10 years later, and the weather is still bollocks in England]


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  1. It was great to have you here guys, looking forward to se you again in summer!

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