Analipsi: The sea, the sun and a wedding.

A weekend trip to Analipsi, near Iraklio in Crete, for the wedding of our friend Nikos with lots of everything – lots of drink (the wines were excelent), ridiculously enormous quantities of food, great fun at the wedding reception- provided by the best people on the island, Kostis, Efi, Eleni, Marianthi and of course the wedding couple Nikos and Antonia, whose hospitality was far beyond fantastic.

Again, as always in TKCS, the pictures selected in the slideshow contain the best of the pictures that do not violate the privacy of the couple.

(See the album with its captions in Google Photos)


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  1. Absolutely AMAZING. I've always envied the fact that in Europe, you can travel two hours and find yourself in a whole other world.

    Here in the states, I travel two hours and… go to a Starbucks where they don't know how to make my drink.

    No update in a while – bet that means you're on the road again. Lucky…

  2. Thanks for your kind words.
    You know, I always wonder about that: why people like Starbucks so much?

    Hey, I think the US is just as diverse as Europe.
    I would like to be able to travel more than I do currently.

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