Leros – If someone tells me again about that hospital…

I was clueless about Leros. I did not know anything, except perhaps the fact that the island is part of the Dodecanese, along with Rhodes, Kos, Patmos and other more well known islands. I did not even remember about the island’s infamous psychiatric hospital, which used to be in the town of the port, Lakki, many years ago. Still Leros is stigmatized by its existence, thus having much less touristic business compared to the other Dodecanese. Things are slow here.

When we arrived at the island at 4 o’clock in the morning, the first thing that had negative impact on me was the fact that the only way to leave the port was by taxi. Normally that would be fine, but things run a little different when you are in a small island. The taxi drivers would squeeze four people with their six tons of luggage in the taxi and go, regardless of where they were going. Some of them attempted to do the same with us , and they had the nerve to call that “service to customers in need”. Of course I told them everything they did not want to hear and one of the drivers was really wound up – but he was just words and nothing else.

Fortunately, not all of them were the same, so there was a nice guy who did the job fine for us and we were comfortably dropped off at Gourna. Thanks to Roula, who took the trouble meeting us at around 04.30, we were able to find her parents’ house. We were welcomed also by Lefki , our guard dog during the first night, and Spyros, her “dad” – actually her owner. We would really like to thank Sotiris and Maria for letting us stay at their amazing house.

In the next days Leros provided lots of sun, a lot of wind and cool nights to be able to have a nice sleep after a day full of site-seeing and swimming. The beaches are not extraordinary,but they are nice, the sea is clean and the waters are so clear that you can even swim near the port. We mostly enjoyed Vromolithos and Pandeli, which are near the small town of Platanos (Leros’ capital). Agia Marina and Alinda are very nice, have most of the island’s bars.

Coctails over Vromolithos beach
Coctails over Vromolithos beach
Dark moments in Leros: Trying to get an internet connection on the beach because our bureaucratic government forced everyone who works for it to fill in inventory forms, with due dates smack in the middle of our vacation.

Leros does not offer what someone would call wild nightlife, but anyway, we prefer more chill-out ways of entertainment. People were always helpful and it was easy to start a conversation… seems that they like their island and try to point you in the right direction to discover more.
What was a nice surprise was that eating out was not so expensive, and the food is good too.
At first it seems that there’s not much to do in Leros, but that’s not true, because in a way, I think the island “grew on” me and I found out about more places every day. The island is small though, and after four days we knew everything about it. Going to Patmos was a great idea, as we returned to Leros with new interest.

PS: this time I did it… I forgot to take with me the camera’s battery charger… some of the pictures are dreadful, because they come from my phone, sorry about that!

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