Patmos – Enjoy the Silence

As if Leros was not enough, we left for two days and went to Patmos.

Patmos …What a strange place. It seems like all life revolves around the monastery in Hora: everything opens and closes according to the visiting hours of the monastery of St. John, which is located in the center of the village (!) in the venetian castle (!!!). For those not familiar with the story, Patmos is where St. John wrote the Apocalypse, in a grotto down the hill from Hora, where he lived.

So, Patmos is a bit different than what you’d expect from an island in the Aegean. What I mean is, usually on the island you would expect that the port wouldn’t have much to see or to do, and the capital town of the island would be where the party is. Well, Patmos has it the opposite way around – Skala, the port of Patmos is full of life all day and a big part of the night, whereas Hora, the capital, is empty and quiet -excluding the monastery’s visiting hours, that is. And you can hear the sound your own footsteps. Which of course struck me, and most of all Kate, as downright weird. I have to say though, that the architecture of Hora is unique and it’s worth it to even just walk in the medieval streets among the small, closely attached houses.

Apart from that, even if you are not the religious type, you probably find Patmos excelent for relaxing. There are two or three great beaches, namely Melói, Kambos and Agriolivado, that unfortunately I failed to take a photo of. In the evenings, you can always have a drink at the bars of Skala.

Anyway, the people in Patmos are very friendly. Everyone was very nice from hotel owners to people we asked for directions on the streets. A lady in Hora even treated us with some fresh fried zucchini-balls (as opposed to meatballs) she cooked, just because we asked her about the restaurant next door (which, by the way, was closed). We were looking for a place to eat, and my super-sense of smell caught something nice… So at first we thought that it came from the restaurant, but we were wrong!

Anyway, we hope to be able to go for more than two days next time.
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