In Crete with baby Myrto

This summer was a bit special, because of the birth of our daughter Myrto. A friend of mine thought this would deter us from travelling and it did, but not for long. So we decided that this summer we go to Kathy’s home in Riza with the baby.
As with all new experiences, this one proved difficult mostly for the baby – after all she is only 4 months old . It took several days for her to adjust to the new surroundings and even when she finally did, she was never as easy-going as she was at home.
Nevertheless, it did her good too and it was good for us to get out of our house and have a swim or relax for a change. It was nothing like other trips, and at times we got very tired because of trying to take care of the baby and at the same time try to do things that people do when they are on vacation: swim, go out , etc.
Overall we had a great time and we have to say big thanks to the grandparents and especially Kate’s mom and our company Antonis and Popi – Kate’s dear “sister”.

Photos after the bonus video – Manolis Alexakis in the annual festival of Riza (το γλέντι της Ρίζας).

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