The Hectic Vacation of 2012, Part One

It has been a while since our last trip (last summer with our 3-month-old baby Myrto who now is 16 months old). This year we had the chance to have an extended vacation, so we travelled to three of our favourite places in Greece: Corfu, Crete and Evia. I titled this “hectic” because in between trips we barely left 2-3 days just to wash some clothes and pack again to go to the next place…

The first leg of our vacation was in Ellinika, Evia, a peaceful resort for families in the north of the island of Evia. The beach is perfectly sandy, the sea is warm and right next to our accommodation, and  nearby there are at least four or five good traditional restaurants with food that resembles home-cooked food. The downside is that there is no place for an evening stroll or any nightlife (not that it would make any difference  for us). This is a place for people who just need some time to relax and have a swim, whether they are with family or not. Enjoy the photos!

(…or see the album and its captions here)


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