Nafpaktos in Fall – The Lightning Fast Trip

Faster than “Flash, The Fastest Man Alive”, we went to Nafpaktos for a weekend (again). We did not regret it, as this time we visited the highlands of Nafpaktos and enjoyed very much a trek from the village of Ano Hora to Kato Hora. In Kato Hora there is a small river, and the whole path from Ano to Kato Hora is very nice – I would like to see more and better signs keeping you from straying from the path though: the only thing that kept us to the right way were the ribbons that remained from a mountain bike race some days before we took the path.
The forests in the Nafpaktia province are very similar to those of mountainous Arcadia in the Peloponnese, with great fir trees, pines, chestnut and walnut trees. The scent of the air is also similar and it brought Kastri to mind… oh, well.

Our stay in the town was relaxing, full of everything and we had lots of strolling around in that great boardwalk by the beach. Good food and drink in even better prices is still there and I think nobody can resist a nice coffee in sunny weather at one of the cafes of the old port. What else can anyone ask for?



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