Nafpaktos in Summer

(Photos from the summer of 2016)

The Venetian Port

When our youngest son, Dimitris, was 4 months old, we were looking for a nice place near Athens to stay for a couple of weeks in the summer. We found a nice apartment with a small back yard in a garden, in Nafpaktos which we had visited before.

We had never visited Nafpaktos in summer before and we didn’t know if we would enjoy it as much as in spring or fall. That and the fact that we did not know of any other beach apart from Gribovo and Psani, had us wondering if we would be able to have a good swim. Swimming, after all, is essential in Greek vacations!

Fortunately, there were 3 great beaches, not far away: Hiliadou, Blue Lake (Parathalasso) and Skaloma.

Our vacation was unexpectedly refreshing. We, as well as our older daughter, had a great time even though we had an early start every day and we had no choice but to follow a strict daily schedule – as is normal when you have to take care of a (breastfeeding) baby.

Our daughter made new acquaintances with the kids next door and soon there was a gang of five kids playing every day in the back yard. As you can imagine, this was the highlight of the trip for her!

The highlights for us were strolling at Gribovo and Psani, relaxing and swimming at the beach, great food everywhere and the breathtaking view from the Castle.

Almost all the photos I got from that trip include the kids, so here is a small album of those without them that were half decent…


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