Japan 2013 : (a little bit of) Tokyo

Tokyo business district

(Photos from February 2013)

As I have mentioned before the latest visit to Japan was my second one . My previous visit was very short and it was several years ago, in February 2013. That was a short workweek trip, and I had not enjoyed it as much as my latest trip to Japan in the late summer of 2019, which was longer and I got the chance to visit places outside Tachikawa and Tokyo.

The weather was cold but sunny in the few days I stayed. In the photo album below you can see the snow in the photos I took while we were approaching Narita Airport and also in some places in the city.

The cultural “shock” was more intense in 2013 and, among other things, I stumbled upon the greatest invention in the world:

The electronic, self-warming, backside-washing toilet seat! Don’t laugh! If someone had told me about it before I tried it I would be skeptical and wary Once I tried it, I was sorry that I couldn’t bring one back home with me.

Overall, it was nice but too short to see anything. I had really just one day to walk around Tokyo. Then, I had to go to Tachikawa for work, from which I did not get any photos back then, as I did not have time for it.

BONUS VIDEO: A night train trip through Tokyo.

Seriously though, enjoy the photos below…


Traveling mostly for work nowadays, I fondly remember the time when we would randomly decide where we'd go next.

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