A Weekend In Kalavryta (2011)

(Photos from November 2011)

This trip to Kalavryta, on 19th November 2011, was one of our first trips with our then 5-months-old baby daughter. Somehow the photos got lost in time and were never posted here on this blog.

I remember that we needed more than three hours to get to Kalavryta – not ideal when travelling with a breastfeeding baby! We did not regret it though. It was fun and nice for a quick getaway.

Some of the places of interest here in the photos, are the town’s central square and also the Great Cave (Μεγάλου Σπηλαίου) Monastery – which is a monastery built, well, inside and around a great cave. There’s also a single photo of the village of Zachlorou and another one of Vouraikos River.


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